About Jen

I began practicing yoga with my mom during summer vacation before my senior year of college. I had recently been abroad to Southeast Asia (China, Hong Kong, Thailand & Taiwan). Not only did we tour several Buddhist temples and monasteries but in Shanghai, China, in the front of the hotel where we stayed, in the mornings, there would be a large group of men and women practicing Tai Chi. I think that entire experience abroad planted the seed which would blossom into my passion for yoga and specifically tranquility in the body and equanimity. I began practicing in 2005 but I served in the Peace Corps from 2006-2008 where I wasn't able to practice as regularly as I would have liked. My practice in West Africa, where I served, was nothing like the practice I have now. Since my return, my practice has become daily with more focus on meditation. I love being able to expand my practice by practicing with teachers who have studied and practiced many different types of yoga. I like to play music to inspire my students but I also like to incorporate periods of silence in the class particularly when I am teaching something new or the students through their practice have indicated that the focus should be brought to alignment.

I've found that starting every morning with a practice of cultivating gratitude for my life and all that I'm blessed with and then sending wishes of peace and love to those who I love is a magnificent way to start my day.