How to cleanse and charge up your meditation beads


After purchasing your Crystal meditation beads, your Crystals may contain residual energy from the previous people who may have handled your meditation beads. There are many ways to perform this and the following are just suggestions. You may like to follow these suggestions or you may like to develop your own. 

Cleansing your meditation beads

One way to do this is to hold your Crystal in your hand and imagine it being surrounded by white light, hold a strong intention that the white light will dissolve and transmute any unwanted energy. You could also ask the white light to " cleanse these crystals in love and light." If you find it hard to imagine a white light around your Crystals an easier way is to use the smoke from either smudge sticks or incense sticks. To achieve this again hold a strong intention that the smoke will dissolve and transmute any unwanted energy and you could again ask the smoke to "cleanse these crystals in love and light.". You can even use running water or even sea water to cleanse your crystals, but this method should only be used on certain Crystals as some Crystal will over time dissolve when in contact with water. Sun light can also be used to cleanse your Crystals, but we would advice using early morning or late afternoon sunlight as sunlight can discolor and cause the color of your Crystal to fade. Therefore moonlight is better suited for this purpose. Leaving your Crystals in a bowl of salt is another method, and it is advisable to remove all traces of salt afterward as salt can absorb moisture from the atmosphere which may discolor your Crystal. You can also hold your beads and infuse them with the sound energy as you chant the Om mantra.

How to charge your meditation beads

You'll need to charge your crystal meditation beads with energy for them to work at their full potential. There are many ways to do this. The easiest way is to let them charge using sunlight or moonlight. Again if you are placing your meditation beads in sunlight, its best to use early morning or late afternoon sunlight so as not to discolor or fade the color of your crystal. If you are using moonlight to charge your crystals, we would advise charging during the full moon when the moon is at its brightest.

How to program your crystal meditation beads

Now you have your crystal meditation beads cleansed of unwanted energies, have them charged with energy. Next, you will need to activate your crystal for the purpose you wish them to be used be for. To do this, you will need to program your meditation beads. First of all, decide what you want your crystal to do. First, think of what you want to say. Sit down in a quiet place and hold your crystal in your hand. If you want your crystal to heal, you could say something like "I ask this crystal for healing in love and light." Repeat your request at least seven times, so your crystal knows your intention. This is just a suggestion, and you may like to program your crystal in another way. Once you have programmed your crystal, your meditation mala is ready to be used for your desired intention or mantra.