The Om Mantra–A powerful sound vibration


"Om," is the inexhaustible conscious essence of life unfolding itself at every moment before our very eyes. Om is the Absolute Truth that is complete in itself. It is the most powerfully sublime sound vibration and the most sacred seed mantra that is practiced by millions of spiritualists sincerely striving for perfection all over the world.

It was revealed and cultured especially amongst the Hindus and South Asians since time immemorial. Many Eastern and Western saints and sages have reached their highest pinnacles of subjective perfection or a deep and irresistible level of pure conscious universal love for God and His manifested creations.

When we speak of the word mantra, we refer to the plane of the mind. Manas in Sanskrit means the mind and 'tra' means that which takes you beyond the mind, time and space and brings you to the supremely blissful consciousness that is the real essence of one's innate being.

Tra also means to deliver, to happen to. Therefore mantra is that powerfully purifying vibration that can charm, enchant, and dispel all shadows of darkness, all foundations of doubt, and the suffering difficulties of this neurotic world.

However, we must allow it to happen to us, to enlighten us. Enlightenment, liberation salvation, and love cannot be forced to descend or to happen they descend or happen of their own accord, and then the experience is a universal one.

This is when, in pure divine consciousness, the dusty ego disappears. As I am awakened, I understand that I am no more designated a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, Yogi, a Jew, or a Buddhist, nor do I need to belong to any of their mystic branches or any organized material systems for attaining the truth.

I am divine existence full of wisdom and always blissful, in my original state. This level of consciousness cannot be categorized nor put into a logical system.

Om is the original sound that has been uttered. It is the cosmic vibration that is being chanted or uttered, not only by the Hindus but other religions as well, according to their language, culture, and development. For example, in Christianity, we are familiar with the word 'Amen.'

The sound 'Om' is the Supremely original, magnetically charged, cosmic vibration. Thus, all other mala mantras are derived from this mother syllable mantra ´Om.´

The Sacred Scriptures and accomplished spiritualists declare that since 'OM' has been chanted for millions of year by the great sages of India, therefore the word "Amen" is connected with it. When Jesus said that the Son and the Father are one, the same and non-different, he refers to the conception of the soul and the Super Soul.

In other words, the Son and the father are within us. In the final stage, the Son becomes divine like the Father-the Soul recovers its divine qualities, its Godliness. Similarly, the Moslems refer to this cosmic vibration as 'Amin.' Buddhists always chant om before their mantra because of that electromagnetic vibration the very life that runs through the veins of their mantras.

They chant, 'Om, Oh jewel of the lotus Om'. Om dissipates the darkness of non-existence and floods the heart with the light of wisdom and understanding. It purifies the gross and subtle bodies and eliminates disharmony in the world. It is very interesting to know how this transcendental word "OM" came into existence. "Om" means God. "OM means Paramatma, the Supreme Soul that resides in the heart of all living beings-it is the sound from which the universe unfolds.

The origin and the significance of 'Om' are explained in the sacred Hindu scriptures known as the Vedas. These scriptures say that the Supreme Being who dwells in the hearts of all in His creative aspects, such as Brahma, who engineers the universe, and prajapati, the progenitor, desired to create multiplicity in the cosmic creation through deep active yoga meditation.

At first, He created the three worlds, known as Prthivi, the Earth, Antariksa, the intermediary world, and Dyu-loka, the heavens.

There are many references to such creation in the Vedas, where great sages were able to create concrete forms simply by their thoughts or merely by the expression of such thoughts. For instance, in Ramayana, when King Indra refused Trishanku's entrance into Heaven, Sage Visvamitra created another heaven simply by uttering the words "let there be a new heaven".

Similarly, the Creator Brahma began to actively meditate and to send spiritual electromagnetic treatments to the three worlds, causing the manifestation of three luminaries known as Agni, Vayu, and Aditya.

Agni, the fire, was produced from the earth; Vayu, the wind was produced from the intermediary world, and Aditya or the Sun, from Heaven. He continued to meditate upon these luminaries for the further development of the universe.